Do you want to replace the WordPress Gutenberg editor with an alternative solution?

If you don’t want to learn the new Gutenberg editor shipped in WordPress core, then try the editor in Easy Code Manager. Read this post for more information on this exciting development: The new Gutenberg Editor for WordPress

Gutenberg Alternative

Add HTML, JavaScript, and CSS content directly to your WordPress Pages, Posts, or Custom Posts in one dashboard. It’s a totally new way, a more streamlined way of adding, editing and updating your content. You will love the speed, ease-of-use and efficiency.  We believe we can accommodate developers, designers and WordPress bloggers that need a streamlined approach to content creation. This new feature, which is called ECM Direct Inject is currently in development, will allow you to utilise Easy Code Manager code blocks as the editor and with a click of the button, inject your code block content (i.e. plain text, HTML, CSS or JavaScript) straight into your chosen Page, Post, or Custom Post.

We also plan to release this new feature in Easy Code Manager Free on

Uninstall Gutenberg

Unfortunately, being a part of WordPress core, there is a high chance you will not be able to uninstall it.

Page Builders like Divi or Gutenberg may slow your workflow

Now page builders do have their place and can certainly help WordPress users – especially novice users, and those who are not interested to learn traditional website coding.  However, playing editor games with different types of content blocks can act like hurdles when it comes to content creation speed and workflow.  There are a lot of people who have already streamlined their workflow and often it’s so tight that it becomes almost ingrained, automated, templated and of second-nature.  This may take years to perfect, so adding a new page builder into the mix can lead to a lot of frustrations.