Style Customization

Theme styles have limitations

With the styling options that come with WordPress themes, you have limited customization options. Even when there are extensive styling options, you can only apply the styles to the whole site or only a handful of pages. So how do you style individual pages or posts in WordPress? Easy Code Manager provides the solution.

Create your own design

Using Easy Code Manager, you have the option of styling your website exactly the way you want. With ECM, you have complete freedom to make front-end changes using CSS to meet your desire.

apply styles

Choose which pages to style

You can either apply your style to the entire site, a couple of post categories, or a single page, as needed. You can create as many styles as you want and assign them to individual posts or categories if that is what you wish for. You can also styles just one part of the page or a whole block.

Advanced scripting options

And ECM is not just limited to HTML and CSS. You can also write your own scripts in JavaScript or add some logic using PHP if that’s what you need. The possibilities are endless with the Easy Code Manager.