Store and reuse scripts

Unlimited code block and files

Easy Code Manager provides the option of saving and reusing the scripts for your convenience. You can save your codes in form of code blocks and code files. There is no limit on the number of code blocks or files. You can create as many code blocks and files as you wish.

code files

Easily revert to older versions

In ECM, you can also see the backups and file revisions of your code. You can browse through the older versions of your code and review it. You also have the option of restoring the older revisions if need be. This eliminates the chances of accidentally losing some portion of your code.


Powerful Template Manager

You can also create templates and packages using the ECM. This can be helpful when you have portions of the code used across several code files or if you have similar styles with just a handful of modifications needed to separate them.

To use the templates you saved, you can use the powerful Code Template Manager. There are plenty of features on offer here, including filtering templates by their linked status. There is also a Template Lookup System to help you manage the templates better.


External script support

ECM also has external script support, meaning you can use your favourite scripts available on external libraries on your website. You can import these external scripts and attach them to your code file as needed. This can come in handy when you’re implementing additional features that requires vast scripts that might be impractical to rewrite on your own.

external scripts

Export / Import Code blocks

In the powerful ECM plugin, you even have the option of exporting your code blocks. You can then import these to your another website and import them using the ECM import tools. Moving your code across websites has never been so easy before!

import export tool