Powerful and sophisticated editor

Currently, Easy Code Manager supports four coding languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP. You can use any of these languages in your Code Blocks and the editor will automatically assist you with: indenting and outdenting, matching parenthesis highlighting, closing HTML tags, drag and drop text using the mouse, line wrapping and highlighting, Cut, Copy and Paste functionality, coloured syntax highlighting, and error reporting.

The editor also supports Full-Width Editing or Full-Screen Editing. You can choose either one based on what you prefer to work in a distraction free mode.

Code Tools Panel

The editing tools in the Code Tools Panel can be especially helpful when searching through many lines of code, and working through errors. All the major functions are available, as well as several advanced ones like Go to Previous/Next Error, Go to line number, convert to upper or lower case, etc. Basically, all the tools that you’d ever need are available.

Loading/Saving Code Files

You can load code from a locally stored file on your hard drive and Easy Code Manager will automatically embed this inside your Code Block. Alternatively, you can load code from an external URL link and the code will be copied and embedded also. This can be particularly useful when adding code from GitHub, which you can do by clicking into the script and copying the link from the Raw button.

external scripts

Activate/Deactivate Code Files

If you ever want to not use some code files but don’t want to delete them as they might be necessary later, you have the option to deactivate the code files. You can then later activate the code files any time you want.

activate deactivate all

The CAC has got your Back!

Easy Code Manager has a powerful Code Auto Completion (CAC) feature that allows you to add code into the editor automatically. The CAC utilises a code syntax dictionary so you can quickly auto-complete CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML code syntax or embed code snippets. There are stacks of code snippets for you to choose from and it even supports your own local variables.

Stacks of Code Snippets
No need to remember all of those script or style declarations, just start typing and let the CAC output the snippet for you. Contains hundreds of useful code snippets that will make your coding life a breeze.

Local Variable Support
Have you created your own variables but need a quick way to show them? The CAC will output all of your local variables so you don’t need to search throughout the entire code block to figure out what you called them.

Uses the same Theme as the Editor
The CAC has been designed to take on the same style and colour scheme as your chosen editor theme. And with around 30 themes to choose from, there are plenty to find one that is just right for you.

Using the CAC – How to Launch
If you are using either a Mac or a PC, the hot-key combination is Control + Space (i.e. Ctrl + Space bar). This can be achieved without moving your hand from your regular typing position by holding down the Control (i.e. Ctrl) button with your little finger and then click the Space bar with your thumb.

code auto complete

Simply click the hot key combination on your keyboard and your CAC dialog box will pop up allowing you to choose from an extensive list of code syntax depending on the code editor you are currently using.

For example, if you are using the CSS code editor, then the CAC will use the CSS code dictionary.

You can even start typing a few letters and launching the CAC will filter down the list based on the letters typed. Clicking the back and forward arrow keys on the letters typed will either increase or decrease the list of results respectively. We have also included a short description of code syntax where applicable.