Custom Functionalities

Supports Several Languages

Using Easy Code Manager, you are not limited to writing scripts in just one language. As of now, Easy Code Manager supports code files in HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. Not only does ECM support these languages, features like code auto completion and syntax highlighting are available for all these languages/scripts.

Easily add functionalities that you desire

Because ECM supports all these languages, you can add practically any additional functionality you want to your site. It has never been so easy to add popular functions like Google analytics tracking code, marketing popups or any other script as needed.

Another advantage of using ECM for adding custom functionalities is that you can build all of them in one place. You do not have to worry about directories and FTP services for adding features to your website.

Choose whether to add to header or footer

ECM also offers option for you to select whether you want to include the scripts in header or footer. You can even choose to include some in the header and some in the footer. This is beneficial when you don’t want to load all the scripts together but some before and some after the page depending on its importance.

For the features that are essential to your page, you can add them to the header so that they’re loaded at the start. But it would be prudent to load extra features only after the page has completely loaded to avoid longer load time.

assign to header or footer