Control exactly where your code goes

Unlimited code blocks and files

Easy Code Manager gives you the ability to run code blocks on practically any section of your website. This can be achieved via the: Assignment Panel, Widget Controller, and Shortcodes. You can have global code blocks that you can assign throughout the site. There is no limit on how many code files you can create. Even in the free version, you can add as many code blocks as you need.

ECM Code Blocks

Assignment Panel

With ECM, you are not restricted to just using the same code for your entire site. You can ‘Assign’ your code blocks to specific areas of your site. You can choose from a variety of assignments, like Pages (including child/sub Pages), Posts, Custom Posts, Categories (including child/sub Categories) and Tags.

You can also choose what we call auxiliary assignments, which includes the ability to assign the code to the entire website, all pages, all posts, specific archives and many more. You may also assign the code to specific URLs or only to those who match a certain regular expression.

Or, you use the powerful Invert function that runs your code on assignments ‘other’ than the inverted one.

You also have the option of choosing whether you want to assign the code to the header or footer of the page. This is helpful when you want some scripts to load before the rest of the page and some scripts to load after everything else has. For example, you may want to run Google Analytics code in the Footer of the Entire Website assignment.

Code Block to Widget Controller

You can easily add your code as a widget for your sidebar or footer. Widgets are great to add features to your website sidebar or footer.  Easy Code Manager integrates perfectly to allow you to use code blocks as WordPress Widgets.  Simply drag and drop the Easy Code Manager widget to the relevant sidebar or footer, then use the dropdown to choose the code block to use.

Easy Code Manager Shortcodes

For more accurate placement of your code blocks, you can add code block shortcodes at the Page/Post level. You can add the shortcodes anywhere. We have a TinyMCE button included with the plugin so you can use it to add shortcodes to any post or page on your entire site.