Yes. ECM is compatible with WooCommerce websites. However, there are limitations to custom assignments in WooCommerce websites compared to a general WordPress website.

See our documentation to learn more.

Yes, you can use ECM for a multi-site website. However, the support might be limited.

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We try to cover most of the issues here but there is always a possibility of unexpected errors. If you are a PRO user, you can contact us directly using our premium email support.

Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of users, we are not able to provide email support for the free users. You can use our excellent community to try and solve the problem.

Due to the overwhelming amount of emails we get for users requesting support for our ECM plugins, we cannot provide support for the ECM Free plugin (hosted on at this stage unfortunately. If you wish to receive priority support, please visit our ECM website and purchase a license for any of our products.