Yes, you have the option to disable as few or as many code blocks as you like. You can then enable the code blocks any time you want.

To enable/disable just one code blocks, simply select the ON/OFF toggle button at the left-most of the top bar of the code block you want to disable.

To enable/disable all the code blocks together, select “Tools” and then select “Disable All”.

Hook location feature gives you control over the location of outputting the CSS/JS code. This is useful in case overriding another plugins’ CSS is required. Also sometimes its better to put your JS code in the footer to avoid slowing down your page load.

No. After delete block you need to click ‘Save All Changes’ button.

No. In order to save blocks order you need to press ‘Save All Changes’ button.

Yes. The block is created and saved in your database. In order to discard the block, you have to delete it.

Yes by hovering your mouse cursor over the code block title bar until it turns into a four-sided arrow, this allow you to move the blocks. Clicking the block title bar allows you to open and close the blocks.

The ECM code block is the basic unit for writing code and to associate it with specific WordPress requests.