Yes, using ECM you can create code templates as needed. You can access these in Panel -> Templates.

Yes, you can link external scripts to your code blocks. To do this, select “Panel” and then “External Scripts“. Now, you can add as many external scripts as you want. You can add one URL per line to link the external links.

Yes, you can create multiple files for the same codeblock in ECM. Go to “Panels” and select “Code Files“. Now select “Create File…” to create a new file. You can create as many files as you want.

Depending on the language you select, the wrapping tags are also automatically created for you.

Yes. We have a lot of editor themes for you to choose from. Select “Panel” and go to “Editor Themes”. There you will see a list of themes for you to choose from. Once you click on a theme name, it is automatically applied.

Note: You can choose a separate theme for each of your code block.