Easy Code Manager

Developer License
Free on WordPress.org
Supported languagesCSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, plain textCSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, plain text
Optimised for devicesYesYes
Create as many code blocks as needed
(Tested with over 100 of code blocks)
Code block maximum data sizeLONGTEXT (up to 4GB of data)LONGTEXT (up to 4GB of data)
Code block On/Off switchYes. On and OffAlways on
Output code block to Header/Footer of pageYes. Header and FooterHeader only
Assignment options
(Tested with over 1000 assignments)
Pages (inc. child/sub Pages)
Custom Posts
Categories (inc. child/sub Categories)
Auxiliary: entire site, site backend,
all pages, all posts, recent posts,
blog index, all categories, search pages,
all archives, tag archives, author archives,
attachment pages, 404 error pages,
Regular Expressions
Pages (inc. child/sub Pages)
Categories (inc. child/sub Categories)
Assignment inverter functionPosts, Pages, Categories,
Tags, Custom Posts
Assignment smart pagination/scrollingYesYes
Code block shortcode supportYesYes
Code block shortcode embed button
(ECM embed button in Page/Post editor)
Metabox code block for Page/Post edit pagesYesNo
Code block to widget controllerYesNo
Templates Manager
(for storing all your code templates)
Embed/Link Templates to code blocks
(stored templates / WordPress bundled scripts)
Templates from external scripts
(e.g. from a CDN such as jQuery)
Code editor toolsFile: Reload, Load local, Load URL,
Save, Save file, and Delete
Edit: Undo, Redo, Find, Find next,
Find previous, Replace, Go to line,
Go line up, Go line down, Go to next error,
Go to previous error, Fold, Fold all,
Unfold, Unfold all, To lower case,
To upper case, Settings
View: Status bar
Code Auto Completion (CAC)YesNo
Full-screen editing modeYesNo
Code beautify functionYesNo
Code minify functionYesNo
Code block editor themes32 editor themes1 default theme
Code files supportYesNo
Code block batch functionsActivate All, Deactivate All, Revert State,
Footer All, Header All, and Delete All
Code block backups and revisionsYesNo
Code block information panelYesNo
Prioritise code block run order via drag ‘n dropYesYes
Close All code block functionYesNo
Privilege setting for metabox code blocksYesNo