The Easy Code Manager project has ended.
Use CSS & JavaScript Toolbox instead

Please consider CSS & JavaScript Toolbox for your script management and injection solutions:


The Easy Code Manager project has now ended and will no longer be updated or monitored. Easy Code Manager has been going for almost as long as CSS & JavaScript Toolbox. It was an interesting project with an entirely responsive usr interface (UI) that we felt would suit screens like tablets or mobiles. Unfortunately, it was not very popular, and tells us that people prefer to code on desktops only. 🙂

Anyway, with limited funding and resources, we simply cannot keep two projects going simultaneously.

Therefore, CSS & JavaScript Toolbox is the only project that will be receiving updates and new features. If you have Easy Code Manager, you can still migrate to CSS & JavaScript Toolbox as both plugins share the same database schema. This means your code block data should all be intact after you delete and deactivate Easy Code Manager and install and activate CSS & JavaScript Toolbox. You can always backup your database as a precaution.

Thanks everyone for your support.

Kind Regards,
Damian Baker

Code management plugin for WordPress

Easy Code Manager (or ECM) allows you to add CSS, JavaScript, PHP & HTML to unique Code Blocks & assign them anywhere!